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Healing from the inside

Have you ever felt mentally and physically drained being around a person? Have you ever caught yourself going on a downward spiral of thoughts, or found it impossible to focus on one thing at a time? Well, It’s one of THOSE days. You know, the one where you want to stay locked up in your room and not do anything because everything is driving you mad.

Burnout is common. In fact, it’s completely normal not to feel okay at all times. You can feel burnt out because of your routine, the people around you, or just your own negative thoughts pulling all that energy out of you. The 3-Ds as I like to call them are one of those things that help you get through one of these days. All our electronic devices go through a ‘service’, an ‘update’, or sometimes, a ‘reset’ to function like it’s meant to do. Although we’re not machines, we function a lot similarly than you think we do. Basically, we need to take care of ourselves, as we would our other prized possessions. But HOW? Let’s Find Out.


This can be complicated. Coming to terms with the fact that someone you love can also drain you is difficult and hurtful. People become part of your routine so you program yourself to be around them often, talk to them, text them, and whatnot. Sub-consciously we choose to make sacrifices for special people in our lives, compromise or change our behavior to fit in, and make it work with them. But not everybody reciprocates equally. They can come off as someone constantly putting you down, not being grateful for things that you do for them, not valuing your time, or just being outright disrespectful. The Gen-Z term for this would be RED FLAGS. This exists in all kinds of relationships like romantic relationships, platonic relationships, and familial relationships. It is necessary for us to recognize these red flags and detach ourselves from them.

Here’s how;


The word ‘detox’ is used in several different contexts. Here, I mean the detoxification within us. Our behavior, our responses, and our mental and physical state are often the results of our surroundings, which are more than capable of intoxicating our body and soul. Detaching and De-cluttering is also a way of Detoxing. But there are a few other ways you can achieve this.

Here’s how,


Are you ever looking for one particular thing in your room but it is a complete mess? All of your things are lying around and you’re just standing there, completely helpless and about to rip your hair off. That’s exactly what a cluttered mind feels like, or honestly much worse. You’re overthinking and your thoughts are brimming in your head and you feel like your head’s about to blow up. That’s when you need to DECLUTTER. You get rid of unnecessary thoughts, negative emotions, impulsive feelings, etc.

Here’s How,

There is a lot that goes into deep cleansing your inner soul in order to heal but these are a few things you can add to your daily routine. It’s not overwhelming, It’s not really a responsibility, It’s chill. Excuse my inadvertent use of Gen-Z Lingo, but basically, if the vibe’s not right then it’s your cue to fix it.

Author: Pavitra M – A bit quirky and a lot inquisitive with the strangest humor ever. Basically, laughs at anything and everything. Pavitra is currently pursuing her Masters’s in Media and Communication Studies and has an incoherent but deep passion for self-care and ultimately on a quest to understand the best ways to do it. 
The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author.

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