Collaborate to Compete

Reading Time: 5 minutes To comment or receive more such wisdom, please register on Collaborate to Compete conversation with Sanjiv Aiyar, President Pan IIM Alumni Singapore “Collaborate, Connect & Change” sums up Sanjiv Aiyar’s 40 year career. As he steps down as the Founding President of Pan IIM Alumni Singapore (PIIMA), I caught up with him to get his […]

Money grows on tree?

Reading Time: 3 minutes To comment or receive more such wisdom, please register on When I was growing up my parents often told me that money doesn’t grow on tree. I sort of disagreed in my head but never had the courage to confront them – In my head I used to think, if you have mango tree then […]

Instant Gratification vs Lifelong Happiness

Reading Time: 3 minutes To comment or receive more such wisdom, please register on Yesterday someone added me on LinkedIn with this note “You have an interesting career trajectory. Would love to hear more about it over a chat if you ever have some time”.  Before long we started chatting and discussion shifted to “What are you seeking?” A […]

Are we the Virus?

Reading Time: 3 minutes What if we are the virus and Corona is the much-needed vaccine? Biologically speaking virus is simply genetic material (DNA/RNA) encapsulated in a layer of fat. Arguably they are not even living entities and can only reproduce when they attach themselves to a living cell. They instruct the host cell to make more copies of […]

CoronaVirus : Need vs Greed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Who would have imagined that a lowly toilet paper will rock the headlines of 2020. The year 2020 was supposed to be the “Future” and if this is the future then perhaps we have learned nothing from the past. Hong Kong reported armed robbery of toilet paper on 17 Feb and meanwhile in Australia, there […]

Compete or Collaborate – A personal journey

Reading Time: 4 minutes About a month ago, I was invited by IIM Bangalore to give a talk on CaSH – Careers, Salary & Happiness. This is the first time I was visiting my alma mater ever since I graduated. As luck would have it a parallel leadership conclave, IIMBue, was happening at Taj Bangalore and since I was […]

The genesis of Knowledge

The genesis of Knowledge

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last week I wrote about how Knowledge will fail you. After I wrote that, I was having a discussion with a classmate from my MBA program on what next to write on Gyanalogy. Incidentally she asked me, “Where do you get your ideas from?” Truth be told, I actually don’t know from where! Very often I wake up in […]

Knowledge will fail you!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Knowledge will fail you when you need it the most! Have you ever blanked out in an exam? Forgotten the formula you so diligently memorized? Had a tied tongue in an interview? Froze standing in front of an audience? In the Indian epic Mahabharata one of the greatest warriors of all time, Karna, learns from […]

Whose car are you driving?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Last week, my school Principal asked me if in my capacity as the President of the Alumni Association, I could give message to the graduating class 12 (A Level) students who scored 88% and above. I feel that the message I had for the students may be equally relevant to others and hence am sharing […]

Schools create literacy not education

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yesterday in my school whatsapp group someone posted the picture below The picture was a dig on the news that first time in the history of ISC ‘A Level’ examination someone scored a perfect 100 in all subjects! I casually joked that thermometer better be in degree Fahrenheit! The picture triggered a serious discussion in the […]

Ikigai – The Meaning in work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today is May 1. More than 80 countries across the globe celebrate 1 May as International Workers’ Day or Labor Day. This May Day, I have been thinking about meaning in work. The genesis of May Day or International Labor Day is in the 19th century when post the industrial revolution, trade unions, and labor movements […]

How do nations use forces?

Reading Time: < 1 minute How do nations and societies use forces? People who viewed this also viewed: How do I use forces in my life? The Reason for Every Reason

The Reason for Every Reason

Reading Time: 3 minutes When I was in the university, very often I used to listen to this song – The Reason I’ve found a reason for me To change who I used to be A reason to start over new And the reason is you In Physics, we have four fundamental forces viz. Gravitation, Electromagnetic, Weak nuclear force […]

Why this ego? – Part 1: Time

Reading Time: 4 minutes To comment or receive more such wisdom, please register on Quite often when we achieve something which is slightly above average (be it wealth, fame, intelligence or beauty) a sense of pride and ego creeps in. All of us know one such person who is very intelligent or very beautiful yet very full of himself/herself. Why […]

Chasing Happiness

Reading Time: 2 minutes Why do we do anything? This question has been asked since time immemorial. By philosophers, by sages, by psychologist and even my management gurus. While on surface people say different things such as they need a lot of money, more love, a bigger house, a faster car or better health but if we keep digging […]

What is your duty?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week I wrote about doing one’s duty. An interesting question came from Rastra Kunwar- How do you know what your duty is? This question is quite relevant because very often we perform our roles but not necessarily our duties – A lethargic worker at office, a disengaged spouse at home or disillusioned student in classroom. When can you ask this question? […]

Do your Duty

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do your Duty In my school I read a story “Sanyansi” (The Hermit). The video version of this story written by famed Hindi writer Sudarshan may be accessed here. The story starts with the main protagonist ,Paalu, leading a carefree life loafing around with the boys in his village. At the age of 33, he gets married to […]

Will I be pretty, Will I be rich?

Reading Time: 4 minutes While watching YouTube videos, we often come across the pesky little ads seeing which our instinct is to press the skip ad button. A similar thing happened to me last weekend. I was watching a documentary on YouTube and my reflex action  impulse was to hit the skip ad button. But that didn’t happen until […]

Love, Sex and Marriage

Reading Time: 3 minutes Valentine’s Special This is the Valentine’s week and love is in the air or is it? I recall the interaction I had with Gurcharan Das in December last year on the occasion of his latest book launch – Kama the Riddle of Desire. The book largely deals with a married man who gets attracted to a lady he […]