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Conscious Capitalism - A discussion around socially responsible businesses

Moderated by Rahul Singh, the discussion features Ajay Piramal (Philanthropist & Chairman, Piramal Group), Radhanath Swami (Spiritual Guru & Founder, Govardhan Eco Village), and Vivek Bindra (Motivational Speaker & Founder, Bada Business)

Glimpses of the vision from Dr Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra is an internationally recognized Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant and Business Coach.

Dr Bindra says, profit should not be the ultimate goal of business. A business should always be based on an idea to solve a “burning-problem” of your customer. Purpose should be providing this “hassle premium” to the customer and profit is an automatic outcome finally accumulating capital.

The eye to look for a problem that people are trying to solve can make one derive an idea and convert the people with that problem “the customer”. Otherwise, the buy and sell is a transactional level business. Solving a problem makes the business an integral part of the ecosystem and the value of the business becomes indispensable in the existence of the ecosystem itself.

He mentions few businesses which are trying to solve problems and on the way becoming prominent players in the ecosystem,

  • Reduce efforts of customers – OLA, Magic Bricks, IRCTC
  • Reduce complexities and time – Lenskart
  • Reduce confusion and uncertainty – Policy Bazar, Trivago
  • Cost effective – Oyo
  • Offering Skills – UrbanClap or Urban Company
  • Identifying and listing skills – Surekha, JustDial

It is neither the big heart or big mind but BIG MINDSET that makes business succeed. He introduces the concept of “Ethical monopoly” where the customers you serve grow due the solutions you provide and in turn your company grows. This collective growth to become integral part of the ecosystem is not a harm but doing good. Winning is always nice but the mindset needs to change where people need to learn from mistakes so that the mistakes are not repeated. It is never too late for the corrections.

WWW (What? What? Who?) of a business are as below,

  • Your compelling stories
  • Belief and Right values
  • The leadership with like-minded people

The net worth of human being cannot be measured in currency however it is all the values that he acquires over the years. He quotes Bhagvatam,

vidyāvinayasaṁpanne brāhmaṇe gavi hastini,
śuni caiva śvapāke ca paṇḍitāḥ samadarśinaḥ.

The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision a learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater [outcaste].

Dr Bindra suggests to review every morning,

  • What went well? (today)
  • What went wrong? (today)
  • What would be good? (tomorrow)

Backed by RISMIS - Ritual of sixty minutes solitude. At night maintain a gratitude journal thanking people and incidents those helped to sail through.

The complete discussion is available on Gyanalogy Youtube

Dr. Vivek Bindra, A Human Performance Improvement Pioneer who helps in Driving Business Results through Performance Effectiveness. Dr. Vivek Bindra is the Founder & CEO of South Asia’s one of the largest and most progressive organizations – Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Global ACT).

Apart from just being the owner of World’s Most Subscribed Entrepreneurship YouTube Channel with 13.7 Million Subscribers and 850 Million Viewership, Dr. Vivek Bindra is a distinguished Motivational Speaker and an ace Business Coach. A monk turned entrepreneur who is working on a bigger horizon to bring an improvement in India’s GDP by working closely with number of Billionaire Entrepreneurs and making entrepreneurship education & business training programs which are affordable, accessible and available. He has authored 10 High Power Motivational Books and now working on his new book “Bounce Back”.

Contributor: Paromita Bannerjee - Paromita is a leader in People Practices with a knack towards solving problems. An IIM Bangalore alumna and a story visualizer, her focus is on bridging the gap between education and industry by supporting fresh graduates to kick-start their career and helping the women to return to the workforce after mandatory breaks.

She wants to make the world a better place to live for every life on earth. She is a passionate animal lover, loves to write poetry and her encounters with ghosts (real or imaginary :)) during her leisure. She believes if there is a will, any relationship can go long run with the right balance.
The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author.

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