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Truly said, "the door is there but the key is in your hands". We ourselves are the artist of our life.

Changing your lifestyle doesn't need to be difficult.

Sometimes it gets tough when the world is not going the way you want it to, perhaps then it is better to change yourself.

Life and Health go hand in hand. Life is like an ECG it has ups and downs, the moment it gets flat we are gone. When we return to our regular life, stress accumulates and the mind frays.

Feeling burdened, again we seek out the extraordinary.

Does this never-ending cycle is known to us?

Is it important to seek the extraordinary?

What if we could live in a more carefree way just by changing a bit in our regular life, life will be much better and precious.

To be in a better state of health it is important to be with yourself as you are, but without being impatient.

Health issues get into our life as we get pressed with time for not thinking about anything that is the first step towards a better life and better health.

According to the Japanese study the left hand represents you and the right represents others.  By folding hands and meditating it calms our irritable mind. This small practice can have a surprisingly calming effect on our spirit.

We all have another version of ourselves within us. The other version of us is freer than the self we think we know. Talk to the freer version, it makes us feel better of ourselves.

Life is full of surprises but living a correct life makes it a better and healthy life.

If we keep fussing over black and white then we will miss out the grey. It is not about giving up things it is basically getting prepared for it.

Once as a human we train ourselves we face fewer complications and with that, we get more positive and happy and attract less illness towards us.

Small activities in our daily regime like being spiritual, arranging space for the elements which fits ur personality best, taking out time to think nothing at all, having proper meals with good and pure thoughts, being more generous and kind, being grateful for making up to another day, not regretting the future... All this can elevate our life force and make us feel beautiful about our life!

We all have a purpose but to recognise the real purpose and name it is important. Leading it in the right manner can attract better health and a better mind!

Why get troubled with the things that have never happened? ANXIETY takes away our energy and pushes us to the ground level. Casts off your attachment from the past and drop getting demented with the future. Be clear. Be loud. Be contented. "The you of a moment ago is a past you". Focus here and now!

Talk to your Garden, make someone happy, appreciate whom you have met, exchange smiles and see the wonders happening to you from within and from the outside too.

Your health is all about the way you live, life really does go by the blink of an eye.

Cherish being alive every single day.

Time spent out of health is an empty time.

See your true self with an open mind, when we think of things we want to do we must do them as if our lives depend on it.

We are enlivened -

We are given life.

Don't waste it.

Heath is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

Keep your spirits high, calm your mind and keep your body for requisite of happiness.

To end with Jim Rohn "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to Live".

Preetika Singh, is a Certified Career Counselor Coach (UCLA Extension) and BBA, B.Ed. She teaching kids from K-4 and also worked at the British School of Languages. She loves to extend her knowledge in the best possible way through writing and teaching children.

Her interests lie in reading books and reflecting on life. Her mantra for life is "forgiveness is the route to happiness "
The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author.

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