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Happy Buddha Purnima. On this occasion of Buddha Purnima, I would like to share my idea of peace and Zen. For me, Peace is in greenery. My garden is my peaceful and happy place. What's yours?

In my mini garden I have made a relaxing Zen corner with Buddha. Buddha always adds a calm and soothing effect to any place. And to add to it scented candles adds a relaxing ambience. So, my perfect zen corner has Crassula ovata or Lucky Jade plant, Buddha and Scented candles. And it is surrounded by a lot of other plants. I love to spend time here and, in the evenings, have my cup of tea with some lighted candles and its aroma touching my mind and soul, and I can also feel the breeze touching my face.

Apart from my mini garden which includes flowers, herbs, foliage plants, succulents, etc., I have also kept plants in almost all the places I can find indoors at my house. Plants are not only charming, but they have many benefits for your mind and health and they also add to your decor.

Plants are necessary for us to survive. They give oxygen, clean the air, give us pretty flowers and fruits and help us in keeping a good mental health. They remove toxins from your house as well. Gazing at them takes away all the stress and makes you feel relaxed and happy. My mission is to cultivate happiness via plants. I aim to enhance the quality of living by spreading greenery around me so that me and my family live a healthy, peaceful and blessed life. It is a medically proven fact that our moods, behaviors, mental and physical health are all influenced greatly by the environment of the house in which we live. What's better than a plant therapy right. So, it's great to add these green buddies to your house. What are you waiting for? Start collecting plants and feel the positivity around you.

In recent times when I plan to gift someone, I can’t think of a better gift than a living plant. Why not spread the happiness of greenery with others too. Do try your bit to contribute to society by growing more plants and encouraging people to grow more plants.

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Giti is fond of plants, she has over four hundred plants and taking care of plants is like self-care for her, she balances out any depressive thoughts like this. She is a software professional, a Hobbyist Photographer, Blogger and a Globetrotter. Gardening is a passion. You can find her on social media as gardeninggitz - Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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