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This Gratitude Note is not for you

If others happiness makes you jittery.

If you are addicted to news channels.

If you are a Pessimist.

If your favorite pastime is cribbing about life.

Dear 2020, 

Amidst all the hate, distrust, and misunderstandings, I know you might be going through a tough time. I know it might sound odd for you but I have a kind of fallen for you. So this letter is a tiny attempt to show my gratitude

When we first met at the end of 31Dec, 2019. I felt so happy. It was a beautiful evening of joy, happiness, friends, family, dance, and laughter. 

I was so thankful for 2019, and I have decided that 2020 will also be a year of travel. I have always considered airports as a home. The year was planned well, with eight upcoming work trips in the 1st quarter, four being in Goa (My favorite destination)

January and February were very well behaved and helped me a lot to grow, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. 

And then enters March, one of the biggest surprises of my life. It began in a bright and colorful mode on Holi. We were feasting on Gujias and Thandai at Holi parties. Then things started changing, colleges were closed, malls and theatres got shut and then lockdown was announced. 

It was more of a preventive step at that time. As always I was high on spirit, so started planning various things, made 21 days schedule to build new things, list of books to read was ready. Started making cakes and bakes after good 15-16 years. The real icing on it was having my son as my cooking partner. he was back as the college and hostels have closed its door.

It felt like those good old days of growing up when there was no home delivery. Even suddenly hubby was not traveling (though he was in his office all through). So we were having all meals together, all through the week, after so many years. Youtube recipes were our favorite binge-watching. We were enjoying the silence, as there was no traffic on the roads. So Many beautiful tiny winged artists have started visiting us, and the silence became musical.

All the trees surrounding my home were showing off their colors, maybe the brightest in my memories. We all have started checking on family regularly. First time I enjoyed the fun of video calls. Suddenly all the cousins have become active on WhatsApp groups from all over the globe, pulling each other’s leg was normal again. 

It felt like old summer afternoons when you were not supposed to go out because of the heat. And there was a whole lot of time to daydream. And this was getting longer and longer, and we all started gearing up to help each other in whatever way possible. It was indeed a satisfactory feeling, and then started deep boats of gratitude for having a roof, and to always have food on the table.

My Dear 2020 you have given me the biggest gift of life, you have gifted me Time, Family bonding, Good times with friends (who cares if it’s online or off-line, what matters is that we are having a happy time). Virtual birthdays were more fun as the phone was a tool rather than a distraction. 

And special thanks for the home quarantine experience when the extended family joined it. Talking from 8’ft distance, playing games door door se.

Ludo is still so much fun. And online tambola is such a great way to have family get-together even when we are in different cities and continents.

These beautiful times will be engraved in my memory forever. 

Thank you so much for my 2020 for giving me an account of my Blessings and for teaching me to build my health and immunity as a first priority. I love my Haldi wala Doodh and Ginger tulsi cinnamon tea

Thank You for giving me time to write and to know me. Deep gratitude for all the reflection and actualizations.Thank you so much for showing me the way to old albums, and for giving me a chance to relive those beautiful memories. For teaching me a few lessons in plumbing and electricals. For making playing cards our evening ritual. 

And for that yummy homemade jalebi-samosa to exotic bread and cookies.

Now I know, home is always home, I don’t miss airports. The sky is equally beautiful, either it’s on the beach or on the balcony. Plants can be a good company at home too. And growing greens at home are so simple and satisfying at the same time.

Thank you for teaching me new ways of doing business, with less fuss. 

I will always remember sitting in front of the mirror and telling myself “You are a very good girl.”

A free-spirited girl, with a never-ending stock of laughter and joy. Nandita Sharma, founder of Zaivic, is a life enthusiast, who says entrepreneurship is her passion. Art is her profession, and spiritual wisdom is her biggest asset. Beauty to wellness, she has four successful Ventures to her credit, with an array of awards and recognitions. She is determined to make a difference in the life of not so privileged women, using the wellness industry as a tool to provide financial freedom.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author.

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