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Management lessons from Tartoo – the lion’s friend

Tartoo is the companion of Red. He too is a young inexperienced lion. When he hears Red cry for help he runs to explore the commotion in the neighbouring territory to save his friend and team member without a second thought

  1. Tartoo teaches us the most important leadership quality when you are outnumbered and in grave crisis act as if you are not scared and face the crisis head on. Tartoo’s fearless and casual approach as he nears the 20 plus hyenas pack creates confusion in the opposition rank.
  2. Tartoo attitude also boost morale of his subordinate (Red) who plan to give up or are scared to face opposition. As soon as Tartoo arrives, Red who was defending himself for so long goes into attack mode. Power of team or pack is on display here. In a company too each team member has its own strength and weakness. Each team member must use their own strength and help other team members over come their weakness. Every team member should use their strength in crisis and help other team members over come their weak areas thus converting the situation into a win-win

Management lessons from the Hyenas Pack

Hyenas are very opportunist animals. They usually trail other bigger predators and eat their left over’s or steal their game. Here a pack of hyenas sees a single lion in a unknown territory and decide to attack him.

  1. The hyenas teach us strength in numbers. Red the lion, king of jungle is powerless in front of hyenas only because they attack him in a team or gang.
  2. Attack your enemy or competitor when he is most vulnerable. Red is in unknown territory and alone so faced this attack
  3. Attack the enemy’s weak point. The hyenas are trying to bite his back and vulnerable points by wearing him done. The front hyenas are distracting him while 2 others are trying to give him death blow on the back.
  4. Hyenas gang teaches world that you must know when to run back to live to fight another day. When Tartoo arrives the hyenas know its time to exit than fight with Tartoo. Too many times false pride and ego does not allow people to withdraw or step back and leave the field only to perish. Its not cowardice to vacate the field or battle, its just a strategy to be used to survive and come back to fight another day.
  5. Greed and power is very important aspect of lion hyena games. The lion is most powerful animal in jungle and hyenas love to hunt in pack. Hyenas also love to steal food of lion. There is actually no need for hyenas pack to attack Red but greed for power makes them attack a vulnerable young lion in their territory. Majority wars are fought on this premise of power and greed. Hitler wanted to conquer the world and defeated most Europe. If only the axis had not attacked Pearl Harbour history may have been different.  Same for Russia, if he had not attacked Russia, Stalin was friendly with him and not interfering in his conquest of Europe. If he had not attacked Russia than outcome of war would be different.

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Author: Lourdes D’souza is a management executive. She has a degree in Computer Science from St Joseph’s college Bangalore and General Management and Financial Risk Management degree from IIM, Bangalore.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author.


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