• Learning is the daughter of Repetition …

    The real mission is about remembering rather than improving …

    Anytime you try something new ,it’s going to feel weird .

    The mob discourages you that if you feel uncomfortable go back where you feel comfortable but the insight is when you feel uncomfortable it is a good omen ….

    Discomfort changes you ..a…[Read more]

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    Truly said, “the door is there but the key is in your hands”. We ourselves are the artist of our life.
    Changing your lifestyle […]

  • Fears to faith…Anger to forgiveness…

    We all are children of God and children of high Divine….

    By being accepted , patient , tolerant , warmth towards are scenarios we become a powerful soul..

    Keeping our visions towards optimism helps to have a will to live and thereby help our surroundings by giving more happiness and joy ….

    Give your un…[Read more]

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    What is this fear?

    Uneasiness, anxious, denial, non acceptance….

    We fear our past,

    We fear our present

    And we do fear our future..

    Acceptance of our fear and feeling that fear closely and then questioning the fear itself can open the gates to our answers .

    As a child I was sexually harrassed and that fear of t…[Read more]

  • DESIRES!!!
    Human desire is endless.
    Once we acquire one thing we desire for 10, n then this ten turns to 100…..
    Even somewhere we know it , we don’t need it but running in our own desires is so vicious ,
    We need to control our energies , we should know when to exactly use them and how to control our “D”for good…
    There will be times when we…[Read more]

  • Perfect message to remind us that’s yes it is out call to be happy or not – truly said to know which bridge to cross and which one to burn !!!

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    Thank you so much ! Means a lot!

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    Make a delicious cup of coffee!
    It is truly said “when we eliminate effort, we eliminate life’s pleasures!

    Life requires time and effort.

    Every so often ,experience the flip side of convenience .

    Add something meaningful to your soul, don’t waste time worrying about things you cannot control , add meaning to your day and that will help you…[Read more]

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    That’s true dear , hope all is fine with u !!!!

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    So beautifully explained

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    That’s true dear , hope all is fine with u !!!!

  • Life is beautiful and satisfying when your kids are around you,

    They make you feel love does exist without any motive,

    Being naive is being innocent in real,

    They make you feel yes itz worth living a moment with them n getting happy without any efforts with them in the smallest actions ,

    Some close one told me once ,your life is worth when…[Read more]

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  • Pg-trustlife!
    Crossing paths !!!
    October 24, 2020
    We learn , we think , we work , we play, we live .…… Do we???

    Life is full of surprises some good , some unexpected , some not named!!!

    When we realize that getting offended and sad and angry in everything is not justified then we start working on our nuerons for good!

    Everything happens f…[Read more]

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