Welcome to Gyanalogy - The wisdom platform. Our purpose is to help everyone find purpose! 

Gyanalogy is concatenation of words from two of the oldest languages in the world - Sanskrit & Greek

  • Gyana- Gyana in Sanskrit means Wisdom
  • Logy- Logy in Greek means Study

Why is Purpose so important?

No matter what we do, the ultimate purpose of everything is happiness. If we ask enough WHYs we will reach to the bottom - The reason behind all reasons. From something as simple as sipping a cup of coffee to promotion at job to buying a house, we do things because we want to be happy.

Yet a lot of us are not happy. After speaking to thousands of people we have concluded that there are only three causes of unhappiness - stress in job, stress in relationship or stress in health. Most of us have the resilience to cope with one stress at a time say job is not okay but relationship is fine and health is good. A lot of us would feel helpless & depressed when two things are not going our way say job is hectic and relationships is under strain. Very few of us will be able to cope when all three are not working - Bad health, ruined relationship and lost job!

The root cause of stress is gap between where we what want to be and where we actually are - Be it relationship or career or health. If we want a promotion but we don't know how to achieve it, we feel stressed. If we want a loving relationship but don't know to get it, we feel stressed. If we aspire for nicely chiseled body but can figure out means or time to get it, we feel stressed. Whenever we do not know how to bridge this gap, we feel helpless and stressed.

Unhappiness stems from being untrue to our true purpose - What we really want and what we are doing - Being untrue to our true self and not knowing our purpose in life, in relationship and in health.

Why Gyanalogy?

Gyanalogy is a platform where anyone can post views on the three sources of stress. Collectively we can help each other to make this world a happier place and our lives more purposeful.

Let's start discovering our purpose!