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Much more precious than those few moments of success, are those innumerable moments of the journey to the goal; those tears, those smiles, those daily struggles and sleepless nights. It is those moments of hope after disappointing events and determination after small failures that have led me to wherever I am today.

I consider myself somewhat irrationally predictable girl who has been blessed with a supporting and loving family, company of family like friends, understanding teachers and a school who has always provided me several platforms to try out new tastes of a dish called life. I am an ordinary girl of 16 years, a black belt martial artist, a notorious child of the house, a debater, a friend who never lets others feel lonely, always keeps disturbing them; a munner, the editor for GreenGo Plant Works, an inquisitive student who often troubles her teachers with numerous doubts, a self disciplinarian, an enthusiastic speaker and above all ‘a learner.’

Tracing back to where my journey began from, it was my mother wanted me to not only study well but also develop that spark into an illuminating fire by going in for extracurricular activities. She would always tell me, “A diamond shines because it is cut from numerous angles and sides. Had it been only cut from one side, it would have broken apart some day.” She was the one to tell me that I should always strive to catch hold of every opportunity I get in life, whether in academics to prove myself or extra-curricular activities to improve myself.

At school I have learnt so many lessons, not just from my text books but also from the book of life. Right from me taking part in my first ever English Elocution in class 4, for which I had crammed up that poem all night, to presently beginning a school club for children of classes 6 to 9 where we would train them for the skills of elocution, debate, declamation and creative writing; from my middle school years itself, which I always term to be the golden period of my school life, I always looked at every skill as a new field to learn something.

My seniors were always my idols and I would get goose-bumps to see them walk on the stage in the assembly and give speeches with utmost clarity and confidence. My teachers were and are the driving force who show me the right path to achieve what I aim at. From encouraging me to take part in Hindi Debates to hosting events at school to giving speeches at Independence Day to organizing school events to taking part in MUNs (Model United Nations) to representing the school at various inter-state and national platforms, my teachers have always entrusted in me their dreams and values. They are the people who have not only reprimanded me for missing my classes due to my other activities but also have been kind enough to give me extra classes. They are the ones who have taught me the importance to strike a balance between studies and co-curricular activities.

My middle school years taught me how to participate and grab every opportunity I get. I cannot forget the fete evenings, the founder’s day practices, the drama that would happen behind the curtains while hosting an event, the writing of speeches for next day with friends on Google Docs and the Children’s Day surprises and fun. Bonding with friends, competition, challenges, tears, laughs and parties were all the memories I cherish from my middle school years.

I was not born ‘a topper’ but I have always been a staunch believer in the fact that ‘I CAN AND I WILL'.

No sooner did I enter senior school than I dashed towards applying all the skills I had learnt in my initial years. I was never an introvert but it was the experiences and challenges of senior school that provided direction to my energy. From doing my first ever ‘Dance Drama’ on stage to representing the school at Frank Anthony to appearing for my first public examinations in class 10, this was a complete rollercoaster ride. Each day was a new challenge and I personally believe that ‘smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors’, and so I accepted every challenge with a smile.

I believe that this journey till now has only been worth it because I have never pulled back from ‘muti-tasking'. This art of multitasking soon became a habit that would often relieve me of academic pressure and stress. Martial Arts has taught me self discipline and has always kept my body fit so that I would withstand those nights when my mind had to be alert enough to work. Singing and dancing, my childhood talents, are the ones who have always kept me cheerful and calm in the most tense of times. My speaking skills have instilled in me courage to express my thoughts effectively and my thirst for academia has never let me stop my journey. Even in this COVID 19 lockdown, I completed a Psychology Course from Yale University, initiated to start a new school club for children, won a National Level Declamation, took part in online MUNs, planned new kind of birthday surprises for my friends and joined new debating clubs.

Whatever and wherever I am today is because of my grandfather’s wise advices, grandmother’s timely suggestions, father’s constant encouragement, mother’s vision and my brother’s motivation and love. But this is not the end yet, I still have two years of my school life and then an ocean of opportunities and challenges beyond that! As my journey of ups and downs continues, I only hope to grow into the BEST VERSION OF MY OWN SELF.

Sania Bhargava scored 98.8% in ICSE Examinations 2020. She is an avid debater and has a black belt in martial arts. She has been a part of several Model United Nation Conferences, taken part in national level debates like Frank Anthony, has won national level Declamation competitions and dance competitions as well.

Her passions include theatre and sports specially basketball. She was awarded the 'All Rounder of the School award' in 2016-17. She has also worked as the creative director in few digital projects recently and is currently the editor for GreenGo Plant Works.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author.

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