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I want Freedom for full expression of my personality- Mahatma Gandhi

Ahhh! A sigh comes to me whenever I hear the word corporate and the life associated to it. Few metaphors that come to my mind “Rat Race” and “Headless Chicken”. You must be thinking I am totally against corporates. Answer to this is ofcourse No. I have spent 15 + years in various renowned MNC’s and at good cadre. I have had one of the best experiences and my career soar like  a roar of a lion. As an individual I have always been an overly ambitious person and that’s what made me unique. We all have our own lenses to view the environment and there is nothing right or wrong.

Going back to my metaphors which I Had used “Rat race” and “Headless Chicken” I actually started feeling these emotions in one of the organization just before I was entering into my entrepreneurial journey. Life was always in the fast forward mode where every day I felt as if there is no control over me or on my life. Like they say “is life running over you or you are running over life”. I couldn’t figure out the difference. After a point, the negative emotions which I was going through made me so confident to decide for myself to move into an entrepreneurial journey.

Last one year had triggered some serious soul searching. I went through a series of learnings for myself and these were some hard-hitting ones. The biggest learning was to tell myself that I am not a Machine but a human who has emotions, feelings and moreover SELF Worth. Honestly had lost everything somewhere among the race I was part of.

The BIGGEST LEARNING:  Do not compromise your Self -worth for anyone. This is something absolutely not negotiable.

Self -worth is self-love. It means being on your own team. It means giving yourself the same respect, dignity, and understanding you want for your loved ones.

Let that sink in. Numerous instances  I went through that shook me internally. Until then I was living in the ideal world. This was the major turning point.

Work situations that should never have happened

Missed opportunities for few spineless individuals

Numerous times I should have spoken up but didn’t. Confidence was in pieces

Getting demeaned

Taking away the opportunities

Promotions were at stake

Constant stress, fear and depression

In the entire scheme of things , I started losing myself and was always anxious. This went for about two years until one day I decided I need to change the pattern and get MY LIFE back and not let any one run it for me. I thought to myself now it’s all about ME and no one else. I come FIRST and rest will follow.

Know that low self-worth is stopping people to think big, getting their goals out there, holding people back. You don’t need any one’s validations nor permission. You decide how good you are. You decide your worth. You decide what you will achieve. You decide what’s good for you. You decide your first step. Yes, only you decide. It’s only you what matters. You are unique. You are worth it.

And if someone does not agree with that? Ask yourself does that really even matter?

When I came to the terms of understanding myself  this changed the whole perspective for me as a person. Self-worth is not a self-development course but it’s a super power which promotes respect for one another.

This experience has  taught me more about myself that I ever knew before, and I still have a long way to go. I’m getting more and more familiar with what excites, what are my weak spots. These lessons are the most valuable I have ever learned.

Self-Worth in true sense drives FREEDOM to LIVE.

Ashwini Dasgupta describes herself as a Super Woman -an adventurous by heart, creative, risk-taker and full of life. Loves to travel, loves to explore local food, fitness freak, loves her own company but not self-obsessed, at a time gets lost among people but never lonely, enjoys calmness and peace, the list is endless. She says if you give her an opportunity she will go on and on with her list. Life experiences got her to identify her passion and become Self Image Enhancer, Transformational Coach and NLP Master Practitioner which made her start her entrepreneurial journey. She is on the Mission to help 10000+ people build their self-confidence with her unique tools and techniques. She works with numerous corporates and individuals and imparts training and coaching. She feels not many understand the importance of recognizing one’s self-worth and she is on the journey  to help people discover.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author.

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October 10, 2020 11:53 am

Ashwini you have been inspiration to many – your determination and commitment to self develop will inspire many to realise , that we need to have live our own life and add value to ourself rather than toil for the organisations. One who adds values to him by default inflates the value of the place he / she belongs . Self realisation and satisfaction to do something for oneself is incredible. Your blog inspires a lot and is a reality hit for many . We will await for many more such thoughtful story and exploring within . Good luck –… Read more »

Mayank Akhani
October 8, 2020 9:30 am

You have the addressed the elephant in room that people generally turn a blind eye toward. Very well articulated, Ashwini!

Rock On
October 14, 2020 3:44 pm

This article resonates and speaks everything that you are made up of. You are “special” and that has and forever will be. Since I have known you, you are one the nature has always intended to have you “stand out”. You have been in your shell for long and now that you realise you are worthy of more you are spreading your wisdom and care to so many others who can excel in their life and find true meaning and worth on everything they do. This piece is really well written and hits you in the right spot. Keep sharing… Read more »

October 25, 2020 1:16 am

Pg-trustlife! Crossing paths !!! October 24, 2020 We learn , we think , we work , we play, we live .…… Do we??? Life is full of surprises some good , some unexpected , some not named!!! When we realize that getting offended and sad and angry in everything is not justified then we start working on our nuerons for good! Everything happens for a reason and every reason has a reason to it !! We cross paths to learn from each other ,to give some moments of happiness and enlightenment , even to learn from our actions, Some paths… Read more »